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plan a diet weight loss calorie counter
...slimming the world one meal at a time!



this site is set up to help weight loss and for dieters with planning their meals, and helping them stay on task by providing healthy meal suggestions, recipes, and even an option to email themselves grocery lists, and weekly meal plans! and the best thing about it is its completely free!

free services we provide:

  • free calorie counter

  • free daily grocery lists in your email by morning from selected meal plans!

  • free forums for weight loss alternatives and success stories!

  • free BMI body mass index calculator

  • free automated diet scheduling including daily calorie count instake

  • free automated workout schedule planning ( mailed per planned day )

  • free user interactive global picture database

  • free online recipe database [ diet diet diet !! it's all about the diet ! ]

  • free user community w/picture profiles

  • free in-site email communication

  • free alternative weight loss methods and diet planning

  • free mini blogs [ diet diary ]: read over public member blogs and add to your own blog !!

  • free atkins diet information

  • we also provide free listings for dietitians, personal trainers, and training facilities, so our members can locate them easily in their area. please note, this site is brand new and is still under construction, but please return frequently as we are working around the clock to provide you with a one stop weight loss and health alternative for free!

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